How to convince your boss to send you to VINCUE: UNLEASHED 2024

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Do you want to attend VINCUE: UNLEASHED? Of course you do – it’s the only conference designed exclusively for VINCUE dealers to learn, grow, and network together to become the best operators they can.

We want to see you at UNLEASHED, too, but I know leaving the store for a few days is a big ask. Here’s how you can convince your boss it’s worth while for the dealership. 

  • Start with the Exclusive Product & Strategy Training 
    Led by the industry leaders, VINCUE experts, and real-life VINCUE dealers, UNLEASHED features the most innovative ideas, strategies, and results for buying right and selling high. But it’s not just about what you’ll learn, it’s about what you’ll bring back to share with others and start using day-one.
  • Pitch UNLEASHED as a Team Offsite 
    Who says you have to come to UNLEASHED alone? Make it a team event by bringing other sales and acquisition managers to learn together. Your team will return to the dealership on the same page, ready to start using what you learned.
  • The FOMO is Real 
    There are going to be so many other successful dealer operators at UNLEASHED, all getting better together. Meet innovative dealers, create connections you can lean on after the conference, and don’t be the dealership that wasn’t there.
  • Submit a Formal Request 
    The best way to get permission to attend UNLEASHED is to ask. We’ve created a sample email you can send to your boss that you can find below – but don’t forget to follow up and get to yes.

I hope this information helps you build the case to join us in September at UNLEASHED. You can even use this handy email template below to send your request. If there’s anything else we can help with, let us know!

Sample Email to Boss:

Hey boss,

VINCUE: UNLEASHED is coming up, September 23-25th, in Kansas City. It’s the only conference that’s only for VINCUE dealers and partners. There’s a $995 registration fee and I’d like you to approve it so I can go.

Why VINCUE: UNLEASHED? It’s two days of industry, software, and strategy training, workshops, and networking. There will be tons of other dealers there that I can learn from, and I’ll get to work directly with VINCUE’s team to learn more about the software and how we can be more effective and efficient.

I know that if I go, I will learn tips, tricks, and strategies that I can bring back to the dealership and make a positive impact on our operations and our people. It might even make sense for a couple of us to go.

Plus I’ll get to network with other dealers using VINCUE so I can learn what they’re doing well and reach out too them in the future if we need helping figuring something out.

For the value I’ll be able to bring back to the dealership, I think it makes a lot of sense. If you say yes, I will register online and the fee will show up on our next invoice. The only extra costs are flights and transportation from the airport.

Thank you in advance and I hope you see the value in investing in me, and our success with VINCUE.

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  • Monday, Sept 23rd – Wednesday, Sept 25th, 2024, in Kansas City

  • Brand New Cascade Hotel + Conference Center on the Kansas City Plaza

  • Professional Development, Exclusive Training, Software Feature Development

  • Registration Fee includes Hotel, Food + Bev, & Special Events

  • 100+ VINCUE Dealers, Partners, & Industry Thought Leaders

why attend

vincue unleashed 2024

Hear what VINCUE dealers thought about their experience at VINCUE: UNLEASHED. 

Thank you!! The organization of the events was top-notch. The lineup of speakers was thoughtfully curated. It was a pleasure to gain valuable perspective and witness the advancements that VINCUE has to offer. I’m particularly excited about how these innovations can contribute to making our daily operations more efficient.

Brandon Hanson

General Manager
Manchester Mazda

What a class act the VINCUE UNLEASHED conference was. From the venue, to the speakers to the vendors, all are in first class pioneering the industry on our most critical time. A must have partner for success in 2024!!

Rudy Padilla

Used Car Sales Director
Toyota of Berkeley

The VINCUE unleashed user conference blew away any expectations that I had for the event. You could tell it was thoughtfully planned and carefully executed to provide a first-class experience. I left with a better understanding of the platform, new connections with other users and partners, and some personal development.

Nick Staropoli

Used Car Manager
Freeman Motor Co.



VINCUE: UNLEASHED would not be possible without our #TeamVINCUE partners and sponsors. Thank you to the partners that help make UNLEASHED possible.

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Thank you to our esteemed keynote presenters, speakers, and panelists from 2023! Check back soon to see updated featured speakers for 2024, or apply to be a speaker!